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RESTAURANT: What to Look Forward To in 2010

There are several new restaurants already in the works for next year. A couple of them I found to be of special interest:

Covell: Billy Heinzman and Katy Noochla-or are the masterminds behind several great Asian restaurants (Tuk Tuk Thai, Rambutan Thai). They had wanted to open a noodle house in Loz Feliz, but that didn't work out for logistical reasons, but that didn't work out so the reins have been handed over to a friend who will open a beer and wine bar featuring local beers and a wide selection of wines. Apparently food will be limited to cheese and charcuterie, but food trucks are welcome to hang out outside. (via Food GPS)

Greenspan's Grilled Cheese: Eric Greenspan of the Foundry will be opening a new, more casual place right next door that will be all grilled cheese, all the time. I guess his win in the Grilled Cheese Invitational got him thinking. His winning sandwich (short rib, Taleggio and apricot-caper purée) will be on the menu as "The Champ" along with other variations on the classic sandwich. The menu will also feature old-school soda fountain drinks, and comfort food like latkes, tater tots, and soups. (via L.A. Times)

Kogi the Restaurant: The famous Kogi Korean taco truck is now settling at a permanent location (although the trucks will still be rolling of course). The restaurant will in West L.A. on Overland and is planned to be a mom and pop diner focusing on rice bowls. The place is beign designed to feel like the small cheap place you pop into for a hearty meal with counter service and mix and match tableware. It's hopefully to open at the end of February. (via Food + Wine)

Little Spain: The farmer's market seems like it has just about everything already, but not so fast! It is missing something important - Spanish food! Little Spain is setting up to complement Mr. Marcel. It is described by the owner as a Spanish restaurant and market. They will specialize in traditional tapas, montaditos, and paella. They plan to open by March. It will be in the old Kokomo's space and there's a notice about an application for a beer and wine license, so it sounds pretty promising. (via Google and Blackburn & Sweetzer)

Loteria! Grill: Loteria Grill is opening a new location in Studio City. For all you Valley dwellers not in the know, Loteria Grill is a Mexican restaurant that features fresh, traditional Mexican food. It's a step above your basic taco stand, featuring fillings such as cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork) and chicken mole poblano for its tacos and other options. The new Loteria location is opening at Laurel Canyon and Ventura. It was supposed to open in the fall, but now the forecast seems to be for spring, so the remodel and liquor license must be still in the works.

Melgard Public House: Also on Melrose (Melrose and Gardner if you couldn't tell by the name) is a new gastropub by the minds behind 3rd Stop on Third Street. The place is already ready to go, set to soft open this weekend. It will feature a selection of over 20 draft beers and casual pub food such as fish and chips, mac and cheese, burgers and pizza. Happy hour is promised to feature free pizza in addition to discounted beers. (via Haute Living)

Rustic Canyon/Huckleberry Ice Cream Parlor: Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb of Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry will also be moving into a slot at the Brentwood Country Mart. The shop should be opening by the spring. Seems they may still be settling on the concept as the original article for the L.A. Times promises small batches of ice cream in simple flavors using the best ingredients (strawberry, chocolate) and a more recent article says they have hired Shiho Yashikawa of the Slanted Door to create exotic flavors for them. Either way is fine with me when it comes to ice cream. (via L.A. Times)

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