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EVENT: Feeze Relief for Farmers

Brr! We had a cold snap recently and while I sitting in my apartment feeling sorry for myself and huddling near the heater, some other folks were having a far worse time than I. Our local farmers, especially those who deal in citrus and greens, were scrambling to try to save what they could of their crops, which were devastated by the freeze.

VOCABULARY POLICE BREAK: Notice I did not say "decimated." People don't seem to know that 'decimate' means 'to destroy one-tenth of.' Apparently 66% of the American Heritage usage panel now accepts decimate to mean 'destroy a large part of.' I still can't get past it, though. It's like if we all suddenly started saying, "Man, those teenagers halved my food supply," when what we mean is that they ate every last piece of food in our kitchen. That's just weird. I know it's nitpicky and snobby, but it still bothers me every time. Okay, finished now.

Anyhoo ... back to the farmers. In order to help out the farmers, several of my favoritest local restaurants are having special dinners over the next two weeks to raise funds for the farmers who were hurt by the freeze.

Details are still being hashed out, but what I have so far follows. I would highly recommend checking it out, as I can personally vouch for most of these restaurants. Angeli, Lucques, AOC, Hungry Cat, The Little Door, and Mozza are places that in varying degrees are very near and dear to my food-devouring heart and I can think of no better excuse to treat yourself to a meal there than that it's for a good cause. Information available as of now:

thursday, february 8 at 7pm
saturday, february 10 at 4pm
Family Style Market Based Menu $45 per person
not including tax, tip, wine/beer

sunday, february 11
special sunday supper menu for 55$ per person
special wine selection from wineries who wanted to donate as well
-table of farmers will have dinner at 5pm

sunday, february 11
regular menu with a special farmers market antipasto
special wine selection from wineries who wanted to donate as well

sunday, february 11
farmers market specials at brunch and dinner including a special
cocktail “tasting menu” all made with schaner’s citrus

sunday, february 11
pre-fixe menu 4 courses with 4 farmers for 65$ per person

tuesday, february 13
special “friends cook at canelĂ©” night 40$ per person

tuesday, february 13
special farmers’ market appetizer, main course and dessert

On board but not yet determined what they are doing:

The Little Door
Ford’s Filling Station—monday, february 12

To keep tabs on the event, check for more details as they are released.


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