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LA.FOODBLOGGING: Fritelli's Donuts & Coffee

Mmmm ... I tried the fanciest-schmanciest donuts in L.A. this weekend. Read about it on la.foodblogging.


I don't know from red carrots or Romanesco cauliflowers.... but icing covered (any flavor) donuts and coffee...hmmm hmmm good.

Sunshine donuts (btw) is thriving! Has a (2nd) shop in Nipomo and will relocate from Higuera out to the Madonna projects. Gently nestled between Costco-Petco-Home-Depot Circuit City and Lowes.

Are we a big city or what?

said by Me at 12:11 PM Delete

I miss the original Sunshine Donuts, that was downtown.

But I am just glad they are still around. Best donuts ever!

said by KT at 12:17 PM Delete

*Warning--off topic*

Nipomo? The town that hosts the lovely Jocko's restaurant? I'm salivating!!!!!!!!!!!

said by Acme Instant Food at 3:23 PM Delete

Yes, THAT Nipomo. Also home of the weekly swap meet where you can get all of your cheap t-shirt and faux-designer perfume needs met.

said by KT at 3:36 PM Delete

Never mind shirts and stanks--GIVE ME SOME JOCKO'S STEAK AND FRIES! I was once there and met some people who had driven there from San Diego just for dinner. Hell, I'd make the drive from Cabo San Lucas if I had to!

said by Acme Instant Food at 3:43 PM Delete

Although I have been to steakhouses all over the central coast, Jocko's is not one I have had the pleasure of attending yet. Although I have definitely seen the raves over on Chowhound so I would like to check it out someday when I am not blowing through Nipomo trying to get to the Hitching Post. ;)

said by KT at 3:53 PM Delete

HHhhmmmm...I'm gonna stick my neck out and say that Jocko's beats the Hitching Post. *ducking*

said by Acme Instant Food at 3:57 PM Delete

That may well be! I will have to conduct a taste test.

By the way, I just want to make it clear that we started going to the Hitching Post BEFORE Sideways came out, so we're not total posers.

said by KT at 4:13 PM Delete

Hahaha! I've been to the HP before and after "Sideways." The locals hate that movie because it brought hoardes of loud idiots to their quiet town. I'll still happily wait an hour for one of their steaks and a bottle (or five) of HP Cork Dancer vino! Happy times happy times!

Jocko's is more of a primal feeding experience. Go hungry. Very hungry. And expect a lengthy wait for a table during the dinner hour. You'll be a happy girl.

said by Acme Instant Food at 10:45 AM Delete

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