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J. and I are having some serious nostalgia for our days in Tokyo already, so we had to get out butts to Gonpachi, which opened on La Cienega at the end of March, to try the homemade soba and the sumiyaki. Read all about it on la.foodblogging: Gonpachi - Kushi Soba.



soba looks yummy... you know it takes like eight years to learn to become an officially sanctioned soba maker? or maybe that's sushi.. in any event, they take their foodstuffs seriously over there. oh--speaking of japan, look out for my "weird manga t-shirt posting" at the nightcap. should be up soon

speaking of first posters, have you seen this?

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I hate to say it, but it's not too challenging to be the first commenter on my blog.

I think it takes a lot of study to be an official maker of anything in Japan. Have you ever seen Tampopo?

We saw a great deal of weird t-shirts in Japan. If you come down again, I will wear mine just for you.

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